Nature Corps, a nonprofit volunteer , is scheduling a voluntour for September 20-22 to restore Sequoia’s Round Meadow. This stunning meadow is surrounded by giant sequoias making it one of the most rare habitat on planet earth.The weekend outing offers volunteers a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes with the National Park Service to help restore this critical habitat.
While meadows represent only 2% of the entire Sierra Nevada landmass, they support 75% of the wildlife in the region.
“Healthy meadows are vital for wildlife populations,” says Mark Landon, Nature Corps’ Executive Director. Approximately two-thirds of California’s birds and amphibians depend upon meadows for their survival. During the summer months, meadows are the single most important habitat for large and small mammals, birds and amphibians.
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Over time, invasive nonnative species, foot-traffic impacted habitat, road-building, development, and catastrophic wildfires have resulted in the widespread deterioration of many of the 10,000 meadows in the Sierra Nevada.
Volunteers are urgently needed to protect the remaining meadows by extracting conifers and nonnatives plant species before they overtake the meadows. The volunteers will also collect seeds to propagate native flora for future meadow restoration plantings.
Nature Corps volunteer vacations are not all work and no play. Volunteers will enjoy delicious cuisine prepared by trained chefs with the menu including wine tasting and chocolate pairings.
To celebrate Sequoia’s stunning display of glacial domes and wildflowers, volunteers will also enjoy a variety of organized nature and photo walks to capture some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. To learn more go to:
This rewarding and memorable volunteer vacation is available to individuals and families.  (Children 8 and older are welcome.)
Nature Corps is a 501 © (3) nonprofit volunteer conservation organization established in 1987. It has received several national and state awards for its conservation efforts, including a Congressional “Take Pride” award for planting 20,000 trees throughout Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
The organization offers a variety of youth programs and voluntours in Yosemite, Sequoia, Hawaii, Big Sur and Morro Bay State Park.
Nature Corps also provides companies with all-inclusive employee volunteer opportunities and teambuilding outings. Proceeds from company sponsorships and the voluntours are used to support low-income youth that wish to volunteer in the parks. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
To learn more about their voluntours visit them at or call 1.800.774-PARK.

Community Volunteers Needed to Restore Rare Sequoia Habitat